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How to buy a treadmill for your home gym

How to buy a treadmill for your home gym

Treadmill Home Gym Equipment

There are a number of brands of treadmills available in Australia to research before you buy a treadmill and the prices can also vary quite a lot between brands. The best treadmill brands at the top of home gym equipment range are Proform, NordicTrack, Avanti, Healthrider, Evo, Repco Sport, Volken and Lifespan while Confidence Power and Phoenix Fitness offer more cheap treadmills.

Consider space for your treadmill

Treadmills are a large piece of home gym equipment and therefore take up quite a bit of space. Its also essential that the treadmill be placed in a dedicated area that is easy to get to get the most use. Be sure to choose an area where the treadmill can be permanently setup.

Essential features of treadmills

Features on treadmills vary. Look out for a good display screen, a wide variety of programs, pulse sensors, ipod compatible and heart rate monitors when buying a treadmill.  Cup holders and built in fans are also useful features which vary between treadmills.

Range of treadmill programs

Treadmill programs help you stay motivated by providing different fitness challenges. If you are an older user and would just like a daily gentle walk, programs are not as essential. However more active users or runners training for a marathon require a range of program to progress with your fitness and training.

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