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Enjoy your Christmas Cake the Healthy Way

Enjoy your Christmas Cake the Healthy Way

Its a time to indulge and be merry and eating healthy during this time is usually not on everyone’s mind. So how do you enjoy Christmas and not regret the extra budge in the new year? Easy! Eat in moderation and watch your portion size. Here are a few simple steps to enjoying Christmas day without guilt!

1. Listen to your Body 

Enjoy the feast but when you are full stop eating. Portion sizes are often the biggest contributing factor towards weight gain. As Michelle Bridges likes to say “everything you put into your mouth will either be converted into energy to fuel movement or converted to your butt size” It doesn’t get more simple than that.

2. Don’t finish the dessert and that glass of soda

I’m sure we have all heard our mums say finish your dinner. When it comes to food, we often feel guilty wasting and throwing food away. Junk food marketers are smart and they use these feelings of guilt to get us to consume more. This is the reason a 2 litre bottle of soda is often cheaper than the 1.25 litre. It appears better value for money but is the damage to our health really better value?  You can still maintain a healthy weight by enjoying the occasional soft drink and treat but we need to consume these foods in moderation. This often means throwing the left overs away!

3. Moderate the sauces and gravy

Sauce and gravy is so delicious when added to any meal but this is often where the hidden sugars and fats are lying. Thats what makes them so yum! Add just enough to your meal to enjoy and pass the gravy boat on!

4. That extra glass of Champagne

Seriously do you really need it? If so, remember to alternate sparkling water between glasses of champagne. With our summer weather its important to stay hydrated and you’ll be so busy enjoying the festive fun that you may not even notice the swop.



Merry Christmas Everyone!