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Spirulina Mango Crush Smoothie

Spirulina Mango Crush Smoothie

After an amazing cruise around New Zealand with lots of food and fun, I feel rested, inspired and… fat! So now it’s back to getting into shape and feeling good again starting with this detox Spirulina¬†Smoothie.

To make this healthy and tasty detox smoothie, you will need:

Half Banana
1 Apple
Half Mango *
1/2 teaspoon Spirulina
200ml of water

* Try buy frozen mango pieces. The can be found in the freezer section of most supermarkets


* Peel the apple and dice
* combined with all the other ingredients in the blender, except for Spirulina
* blend
* serve
* mix Spirulina – I prefer to add the Spirulina in the glass to minimise wastage
* drink
* and enjoy!

A perfect start to your day or as a pre or post work out snack. A smoothie packed with the goodness of Spirulina will help boost your immune system, detox your body and provide you with extra protein to help you get fit and fab for the summer!

Go Do It!