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Strive for Progress, not Perfection

Strive for Progress, not Perfection


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Women lead incredibly busy lives today. Lives that are already so full, that it makes everything you set out to do less than perfect. The bottom line is success is all about how much you care. You will find that you succeed at things that you care about most. So when setting your goals, be sure to pick the things that are important to you and that you really care about.

Don’t get too caught up by fitspo images. Many fitspo and thinspiration images are photo edited and these girls have just as many bad hair days and you and I. Rather set a more realistic and achievable goal like having more energy, loosing 2 kgs by next week or getting a better night’s sleep. These are the things that you will care about the most and feel like they could be within reach with a little extra effort. You can achieve them by taking small steps, prioritising your time and making them part of your lifestyle. Build your confidence and then get ready to take on the next hairy goal.

Chooses healthy meals made from foods that you also enjoy. Be careful of  cutting out important food groups such as meat or gluten and not substituting appropriately in your diet. This can lead to health problems. It is not necessary to eat 100% healthy all the time and punish yourself by denying the occasional treat and pleasures in life. The key is moderation. Accepting that downtime and enjoying the good things in life all in moderation is an important part of a balanced life that actually helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“To realise your true potential…move away from your comfort zone and work in uncharted land” 
– Kevin C. Hall


Credit Source: For more great advice on workouts and getting fit read 2-week total body turnaround by Chris Freytag