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Treadmill Buying Guide

Treadmill Buying Guide

Buy treadmill guide

A treadmill can be a great investment in your home gym but they don’t come cheap, so its essential to compare treadmills before you buy a treadmill. Treadmills have a number of advantages especially for runners to run in all weather, mums who would like to get fit while baby sleeps or active people who would like to sneak in a quick workout without the hassle of going to the gym. However choosing the wrong treadmill can lead to frustration or boredom, so follow our treadmill buy guide to help you choose a the best treadmill for your home gym.

There are a number of brands of treadmills available in Australia and the prices can vary quite a lot between brands. The most popular treadmill brands at the top of home gym equipment range are Proform, NordicTrack, Avanti, Healthrider, Evo, Repco Sport, Volken, Lifespan Viper while Confidence Power and Phoenix Fitness offer more budget options.

Best Treadmill to Buy

When buying a treadmill online its important to read as many treadmill reviews as possible. Important features to look for when you buy a treadmill are:


While some programs seem tricky and complicated to use, having a wide variety is essential to keep you motivated and combat boredom while using your treadmill.  The NordicTrack C320I Treadmill offers iFit compatible for expandable workout options to suit any type of fitness goal.

Display Panels

Display panels usually vary significantly on treadmill in different price ranges. Its important that the display panel offers information that is easy to understand and easy to access while running or walking on the treadmill.

Heart Rate Monitors

Ensuring you keep up your heart rate during exercise is important training, so having a pulse sensors can be a very useful feature of a treadmill. The pulse sensors should not impede your movement, having the pulse sensors on the front bar is usually the best position while running.


Read reviews to ensure the machine feels smooth and sturdy while running and switching from walking, jogging or running mode.

Incline Functions

The incline function mimics running up a hill by allowing you to change the inclination of the treadmill. An important feature to adjust the intensity of your workout by increasing the inclination of the belt. Look for the ability to change the inclination from the display panel and for treadmills with built in programs that automatically change the inclination and belt speed according to your chosen workout program.

Belt Length and Width

The Treadmill belt size is particularly important to note for tall or fit runners as your stride may be longer. If the length of the belt is too short your foot may land on the front of the treadmill. You may need to check the width as well to ensure you can comfortably run in the middle of the belt without landing on the sides.

Foot Panels Width

Ensure the foot panels on either side of the treadmill is wide enough to stand on. This is an important part of interval training which often requires you jump onto the foot panels while the treadmill is at sprint speed.

Weight Load of Treadmill

Be wary of the maximum load which the treadmill is able to hold. Exceeding this weight can damage the treadmill but more importantly could harm you too. This is especially important to check on cheap treadmills. You can check this by comparing the continuous duty rating of the treadmill.

Drive System Power (Horsepower)

Consider treadmills with at least 2.0 HP continuous (not peak) duty. Particularly important to power treadmills for runners and heavier users.

Cushioning of Belt

A well cushioned deck is important to absorb the shock while running. This helps prevent strain and injury on joints and ligaments.

Belt Speed

The belt speed should be smooth and consistent without slipping and shouldn’t slow you down too much. Choice tested a number of treadmills and found the maximum speed to be slower than the advertised max speed. If you are serious runner it is important to check the maximum speed is fast enough for your training programs


To get the most use out of a treadmill in your home gym its often best to position it in your home where you can watch television or listen to music simultaneously while working out. If the noise of the machine is too loud, it will discourage you from using the machine more often.

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